Behind the Scenes

A lot of love and attention goes into producing personalised soft toys at Kustom Threadz...

When you place your order we ask you to provide the name of the person you have chosen to receive a personalised gift. It's important you provide the details correctly because within a short time your order is being digitized.

Our embroidery software turns your design into stitches so that our machines can embroider it. We initially size the design to fit the front of the soft toy, then colourise it, to ensure the correct threads are used. A design of this size equates to approximately 14,000 stitches, split over seven colours.

The long threads between the stars and letters are called “jump”  stiches. A “jump” is any connector stitch that jumps from one object over to another area for sewing. You won't see the jumps in the finished product, the automatic trimmers are usually triggered or they are hidden under other stitches.

We remove the inner pods via a zip in the base, which allows us access to the front facing fabric so that we can attach a hoop and seat the soft toy on a machine.

Our Spaceman now looks very flat and deflated, this is the start of the embroidery process, which depending on the number of stitches takes approximately 15-25 minutes to embroider. The end result is truly special, a friend for life, a keepsake to treasure.

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