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It’s easy to understand why personalised gifting has become so popular. Long gone are the days when a personalised gift was something you could only have if you had a popular name. Think of the seaside gift shops of your childhood, who sold drink bottles and key rings with a name emblazoned on them. Of course, there wasn’t really anything personal about this because the bottles and key rings were all mass produced. But the joy of receiving a gift with your name on, simply couldn't be beaten and so it remains.
Mumbles Personalised Bunny & Blanket from Kustom Threadz Embroidery
 These days, personalisation takes on many forms and the industry is a hive of creativity and imagination. We are no exception to this, spending countless hours designing new embroidered gifts to delight and surprise. And it doesn’t matter how unusual your name is, we’ll design a gift especially for you. With personalisation available on everything from glass to chocolate, there is plenty of choice. We hope you choose embroidery for it's quality and longevity.

Personalised NHS Thank You Bags from Kustom Threadz Embroidery

So why are personalised gifts so popular? We think it’s because receiving a personalised gift makes us feel special and valued, an off-the-shelf present simply cannot compare. We appreciate, the person who gives a personalised gift has made extra effort, they have chosen the item, then gone the extra mile and had it personalised to ensure they delight us with something unique and special.

Cubbies Dumble Personalised with a Birth Block from Kustom Threadz Embroidery

In many instances, a personalised gift can become a treasured keepsake. This is certainly true of the beautiful teddies we embroider to celebrate the birth of a new baby and the much-loved rag dolls we create. We all had a favourite toy as a child and one with our name on will always be incredibly special.
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